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Influence, involve and train- Manual for practitioners, providers and policy-makers

The document aims to help policy makers and practitioners, in the field of adult education and beyond, to improve the practice of outreach, empowerment and diversity. The aims are to achieve increased social justice, emancipation, integration and inclusion.  As such, both the education sector and society will benefit from the long-term positive impact of implementing the approaches detailed in the implOED manual.

Impact Assesment Report

Toolkit for impact Assesment

Leaflet: What is implOED?

Final Conference Materials

OED publications

OED Guidelines for Trainers and Management Staff in Adult Education

Guidelines for Trainers and Management Staff in Adult Education (EN)
Leitfaden für Trainerinnen und Trainer und Programmplanende in der Erwachsenenbildung (DE)
Lignes directrices á l’attention des formateurs et du personnel de gestion en charge de l’éducation des adultes (FR)
Directrices para los formadores y personal de gestión responsables de la educación de adultos (ES)
Ръководство за обучители и управленски персонал в образованието за възрастни (BG)

OED Policy recommendations

Policy Recommendations (EN)
Recommandations Politiques OED (FR)
OED Politische Empfehlungen (DE)
Препоръки за изграждане на политики (BG)
Recomendaciones normativas OED (ES)
Politika Tavsiyeleri (TK)
Προτάσεις πολιτικής (GK)
Raccomandazioni per decisori politici e providers (IT)


Good practice collection and analysis

Good practice examples (EN)
Good practice examples (DE)
Good practice examples (FR)

Other publications

Engaging new learners. A short guide for policy-makers and adult educators (EN)


Other resources







  • Migration Never Stops – This international youth project intents to investigate stories of (Roma) migration in all its facets in the past and present.



  • Curriculum for DiversityCurriculum for Diversity is a guide for tutors and curriculum managers working with black and minority ethnic learners.
  • Opening the door demonstrates the diversity of learners reached, benefits of the programmes, the range of provision on offer, successful partnership working and common issues identified by providers.
  • Include More (Inkludera Mera)Active citizenship plays a vital role in Swedish “folkbildning”. In this national project 31 Folk high schools, in cooperation with local civil society organisations, have developed and tested methods how they can actively contribute to a more inclusive society. The project produced guidelines which are a broad collection of concrete approaches to combat racism and xenophobia through creating understanding and integration.



  • SIRIUS network – SIRIUS is a European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background
  • Do Itpromotes multicultural education
  • Network Supporting Refugees – project to share practices on integrating immigrants into societies in Europe