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ImplOED project aims at changing the policy and practice to ensure the participation of disadvantaged groups in adult education. The project is divided into two clusters in which project partners work in:

Changing policy

  • Implementing OED on the policy level: five partners will target regional, national and European policy-makers by informing and training policy-makers on the concepts and implementation of OED. The results of the network will hopefully inspire more activity on behalf of policy makers in the targeted areas.

Changing practice

  • Implementing OED on the provider level: six partners will target staff, managers and trainers/teachers in adult education. They will rely on their membership and their knowledge of the challenges in their geographical areas to adapt the guidelines to the training needs in their countries and regions.

All the partners will very closely monitor the questions, challenges and successes of their activities through an impact assessment. The final product of implOED will be an instruction manual for implementing OED that will bring together the learning points of all the partners, propose concrete solutions on how make outreach, empowerment and diversity a reality as well as suggestions on how to transfer the OED products to different sectors and geographical areas