ImplOED – for a more inclusive and equal society

The ImplOED – Implementing outreach, empowerment and diversity project offers policy-makers and adult educators tools to engage socially and educationally disadvantaged adults in lifelong learning. We aim at ensuring learning opportunities for marginalised groups, such as migrants, minorities and adults that are caught in a low-skilled trap, thus making adult education more inclusive.

We contribute to:

  • a better awareness of policy-makers on how to increase participation in adult learning;
  • a stronger outreach capacity of adult education institutions;
  • more empowered and active citizens based on their learning and development;
  • a stronger involvement of learners in education structures and in the society.

Our work

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Our impact

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Reaching out to refugees
Reaching out to refugees
IMPLEMENTING OUTREACH, EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY. On February 26th 2018 a workshop was organised for teachers of VHS Vienna who are working in the context of a big project called „integration f
Reinventing Outreach – implOED Workshops in the UK
Reinventing Outreach – implOED Workshops in the UK
IMPLEMENTING OUTREACH, EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY. The ImplOED webinars organised in the United Kingdom focused on outreach. The conclusions of the events organised underlined the need to put th...
Exchange of ideas in Italy
Exchange of ideas in Italy
IMPLEMENTING OUTREACH, EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY. How to meet the needs of the learners? How to engage participants in learning? The first Cluster Exchange meeting on ImplOED organized in Italy...

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