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IMPLEMENTING OUTREACH, EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY. ImplOED project and its guidelines were at the centre of the event organised by the central programme planning unit of VHS Vienna last November.

The presentation was part of a conference Fairs of Ideas that aimed at presenting new ideas for educational initiatives and courses for programme managers.

The presentation provided a general overview of the ImplOED project and its products and to initiate a working group to develop an outreach strategy for VHS Vienna. A total of 71 programme managers took part in the event.

“The feedback to the session was very positive, participants were almost enthused. All the presentation copies of the guidelines and the policy recommendations were taken from our hands which we consider positive sign,” Thomas Fritz from VHS Vienna says.

As a next step, a working group will be installed to debate concrete measures within VHS Vienna to develop a stringent outreach strategy.

The CEO of VHS Vienna Herbert Schweiger stated publicly that outreach must be a strategy for the institution within the next few years in order to fulfil our political goals.

“Summing up we can say that it seems easy to convince people of the necessity to organise outreach activities at a first glance, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the prove of said enthusiasm lies in the concrete outreach work and the fulfilment of the OED principles on a day-to-day basis. So more concrete work seems to be appropriate even at this stage,” Thomas Fritz summarises.

The Implementing Outreach, empowerment, diversity article series presents the activities organised by the ImplOED project partners.

Text and photos: VHS Vienna

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