Promoting inclusive policy in Italy

published on 31.10.2017

IMPLEMENTING OUTREACH, EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY. Tailoring appropriate training paths for migrants and developing quality teaching methods were at the center of two seminars held in Modena and Rome this year.

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Webinar: Outreach in Adult Education - Role and Challenges of National Policies

published on 16.10.2017

As part of its implOED project activities, EAEA is organising a webinar on outreach in adult education from the perspective of national policies.

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Engaging migrants in adult education in Finland

published on 09.06.2017

IMPLEMENTING OUTREACH, EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY. For the successful integration of migrants to a new country it is imperative that they are provided sufficient learning and work opportunities. When it comes to migrant adults, it’s normally about continuing the learning pathway, not starting from scratch. It means that they also need the proper guidance to find and take advantage of the learning opportunities available. What else is needed for a successful learning path of a migrant?

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Adult education supporting migrants in Sweden

published on 04.05.2017

IMPLEMENTING OUTREACH, EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY. Newly arrived migrants have differents needs for support and learning opportunities depending on whether they reside in rural areas or in big cities. Swedish folk high schools play a big role in providing the support in both.

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Vienna calling for outreach

published on 17.03.2017

IMPLEMENTING OUTREACH, EMPOWERMENT, DIVERSITY. ImplOED project and its guidelines were at the centre of the event organised by the central programme planning unit of VHS Vienna last November.

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